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About CRSB

Cleantech Resources Sdn.Bhd (CRSB), a company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, on Feb 05 2016 commences its business operations on Mac 01 2016 with primary objective of civil construction firm, development and Telecommunication Industry.

Cleantech Resources Sdn.Bhd, has been established by a group of well experienced management, commercial and technical teams specialized in their respective areas. The company’s reputation is also founded by its ability to provide competitiveness within budget and on-time delivery. This is achieved through experience, commitment and dedicated personnel.

CRSB is a 100% bumiputra – own company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Company Act 1965. The company is pursuing in Telecommunication Engineering and Construction Facilities in line with our experience and expertise within the industry. Throughout the year, we expand our activities comprising engineering structure and general construction in line with development of industries in Malaysia. Mainly we are served within telecommunication industry

We started off as a small and humble company with a focus on high level of technical and customer support based in Kuala Lumpur with its headquarter in Kemaman, Terengganu. It is managed by its founding directors with target annual revenue of RM 1,000,000 initially with client based of few big companies and a team of 5 employees. It is growing its revenue slightly above other companies within the industry and exceeds industry best practive. The company will gain CIDB, SKMM and MOF certification and complete with proper qualifications education and training of its employees.

The company is set is KPI of 15% growth annually for the first 3 years and 20%growth for the following years. This growth is being driven by factors such as market growth, economic climate, cost reduction, increased efficiency scalability and flexibility.

The company also has target to diversify its services thus to ensure more opportunities can captured in the future. The company opportunities lies in providing value-added services that deliver cost-reduction and increased efficiency with high quality of work. We aim to have wide range of services as one-stop service rovider within industry-related activities and its act as a differentiator and value proposition to differentiate with other competitiors. It is well positioned to convert these opportunities into significant growth with its existing services level has identified and recognized to increase its market visibility.

Our Services
Our Expertise
  • Preliminary network planning, town planning, survey and prime candidate selection
  • Negotiation of commercial terms, early access and legal completion
  • Site design, assessment and recommendation of site suitability
  • Structural evaluation and planning
  • Building capabilities include the full range of infrastructure from transmission, switched mobile radio and access networks.
  • Including civil work for the facility such as tower foundation and tower eraction.
  • Equipment integration including across switching hardware and software, transport, access equipment, wireless base stations, satellite stations.
  • Integration of equipment from multiple technology vendors.
  • Commissioning, customer cut-over and database updates.
  • Integration of equipment alarm monitoring functions into the existing network management system.
  • From one technology platform to another with minimising disruption.
  • Proven experience in planning, documenting, managing and executing technology migration in large networks.
  • Clearance of radio spectrum for introduction of new mobile networks.
  • Translation of customer databases from old to new platform without affecting customer service level.
  • We use the latest technology in testing and commissioning for all networks with approved testing procedures from the equipment manufacturer.
  • Provides multiple technologies and multi vendor preventative maintenance services.
  • Minimise the risk of large-scale interruptions and highly cost-effective way to keep a network alive with minimal disruption to customers.
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