Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

Clean Technique Sdn.Bhd (CTSB) has extensive experience in chemical and mechanical cleaning. We offer best service for example static equipment such as heat exchanger, condenser, tank, boiler, pressure vessel, CPI storage, cooling tower and others. We also deal with pipe cleaning and our chemical can remove any residue such as deposit, scale, calcium and sulphate, oil and grease that accumulate inside the tube or interal piping.

The chemical method is a highly efficient method of cleaning all these equipment. This method based on the capacity of chemicals to dissolve carbonate scale on the internal surface of tubings. the rinsing solutions consist of combination of acids, alkali, scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors. Type of cleaning:

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Column And Stripper Cleaning

CTSB is the most advanced high pressure cleaning technology and tools to perform this specialized service with the utmost concern for safety. Our hydroblasting technicians receive advanced training in using the latest high pressure cleaning equipment like hand lances, flexible lances and automated tools including spin jet, floor mowers and 3-dimensional cleaning heads this knowledge often allows us to clean tanks and vessels without entering potentially dangerous areas or performing confined space entries.