Mercury Decontamination Services

Our CTSB team also have expertise and solutions for decontamination of mercury in plants and process streams.

Mercury is a toxic substance which is present in almost every gas or liquid feedstock of oil and gas plants. Mercury can accumulate in plants and pipe systems which can cause significant corrosion. Another problem related to mercury is the possible intoxication of catalysts, like platinum palladium.

In addition staff can be exposured to the substance during maintenance activities, this should be closely monitored in order to pretect them for potential effects on human health.

CTSB supplies expertise and guidance for mercury decontamination services in oil and gas plants. Our experts support clients in detecting monitoring and analyzing the production process , measuring the mercury emission into the atmosphere and monitoring of occupational health by the execution of measurements. Preparations for the decontamination of mercury in oil and gas plant might take some time.

CTSB experts can advise during the process and have broad experience in the environmental guidance of projects where mercury can be a potential threat. Every situation will be unique and CTSB can prepare a toilored proposal for approach in cooperation with the client.