Vacuum Truck

CTSB maintains a specialized high-power wet/dry vacuum truck services and tanker fleets that are utilized in performing routine scheduled maintenance and industrial cleaning services, plant outage/shutdown projects and emergency response services. The CTSB vacuum truck fleet consists of vehicles tank capacities ranging from 9000 – 10000 liters.

CTSB technicians receive both in-house and site specific training in order to safely operate vacuum truck equipment and maintain the high safety standards our customers demand. The CTSB vacuum truck fleet can efficiently and safely removes liquids, sludges, and dry solids from a variety of industrial and manufacturing settings including: sumps, separators, pits, tanks, silos, reactors, clarifiers, boiler houses, elevator shafts and conveyor belts.

In addition, the CTSB vacuum truck fleet is designed to transport materials both on and off-site. Our industrial  cleaning services and tank modifications include: Off-load pressurized systems to unload liquids and sludges into designated areas, high-dump tank designs to unload materials directly into roll-off boxes or specialty containers and direct loading into vacuum boxes. CTSB utilizes the most advanced know-how in the industrial cleaning industry. When your company needs materials removed efficiently and safely with a vacuum truck, contact us.