Waste Management

Clean Technique Sdn Bhd (CTSB) has extensive experience in waste management and disposal. Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is able to respond rapidly and effectively to a wide range of emergency situations including oil and chemical spills.

We own skimming and recovery equipment and a comprehensive stock of absorbents, booms and dispersants in dedicated kit form. Waste management is one of the most heavily regulated areas of business, with every organisation having clear responsibilities and strict guidelines to follow. Our approach ensures that all waste streams are managed according to best possible environmental options.

CTSB properly manages regulated wastes. A waste profile/characterization form must be completed for each waste stream in to properly identify and classify all wastes prior to acceptance. The majority of wastes managed by CTSB are generated from cleaning projects; oil water separators, paint pits/booths, sumps, tanks, reactors, trenches, pressure washing/water-blasting, clarifiers, waste water treatment, oil, coolant, and water.

CTSB utilizes a variety of recycling and reclamation waste management solutions whenever available. Wastes that cannot be reclaimed are solidified and transported by our vacuum trucks, roll-off trucks or tractor trailers to a properly licensed and audited landfill for final disposal .