Road Work Overview

At CTSB, We understand that road work disrupts residents and business owners day to day lives. In addition to being a quality road-work contractor we have extensive experience interacting with residents and managing pedestrian traffic to ensure their safety and minimize their inconvenience. We will notify local utility companies to mark out for gas, water and electric lines, reach out to all schools, police, fire districts and residents to alert them of the upcoming work and address any special needs and concerns on a 24/7 basis.

Partnering with professional engineers and surveyors, we will lay out the roadway design to determine proper road grading to ensure storm water flow and drainage structure placement. You can be confident that your road improvement will be seamless and without delays We have years of road-work experience, long time relationships with municipalities across long island and the ability to problem solve and manage resident issues. Our road-work division has the following areas of expertise.

Selective clearing, grubbing and street tree removal milling, grinding, pavement saw cutting and grading of roadways. Concrete and asphalt roadway removal and disposal, we also recycle these materials Installation of drainage piping and structures including catch basins, manholes and castings Concrete curbs, sidewalks and driveway aprons Asphalt pavement roadway and parking lot construction and asphalt pavement resurfacing pavement marking and roadway signage Maintenance and protection of vehicle and pedestrian traffic Regulation rubberize asphalt tracks, including Interior integration of field and Interior multi purpose fields. Asphalt Paved basketball, handball and tennis courts.