Underground Pipe Cleaning

The underground pipes that carry sewage away from your home/factory and water to your home/factory were installed 40,50,60 even up to 100 years ago. You are responsible for maintenance of these pipes even if they travel under sidewalks, streets and other public structures and right of ways. Most of the sewerage pipes were made of organic material such as clay or concrete aand are rapidly deteriorating Many of these pipes were even made of a material very similar to the asphalt shingles on your roof. It has been banned since the early seventies, but your pipe may be made of this material.

Roots grow right through the walls of this pipe. Roots invade all these pipe materials as the joints were placed every three feet and they were not sealed? Roots can easily break a sidewalk or even a road, and those structures are up to 10times as thick as the pipes servicing your homes. Plus, the roots are specifically attacking your pipes to get at the water inside. Water lines made of metal materials in the ground often react with electricity in the soil, causing the pipe to weaken and develop pinholes. Rust, scale and mineral deposits develop inside the pipes.

Our CTSB team have technology to do the underground pipe cleaning without damage the pipe.